ESSA Implementation: Developing Effective School Principals

Discover opportunities within the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to develop effective school principals.

Working Together:  Leveraging Federal, State, and Teacher Preparation Provider Resources to Ensure Equitable Access

Learn what you can do to promote equitable access to excellent teachers for all students.

This presentation supplies questions to consider when asking about student growth measures and provides examples utilized by districts and states.
Providing currently used examples of teacher and leader evaluation systems, Dr. Laura Goe presents the challenges of validity, weights and measures, and considerations in setting cut scores.
This webinar examines the strengths and weaknesses of measures of teacher and leader effectiveness such as observations, growth models, and specifically value-added models and provides examples of...
This webinar takes an in-depth look at the various measures and models for evaluating teacher effectiveness including observations, student growth models, value-added models, and examples of various...
This presentation provides tips and strategies for recruitment and retention of effective teachers with the goal of improving student learning and educational opportunities.
Gen Y Teachers bring unique benefits and interests in the workplace and this presentation gives guidance on the best strategies to recruit, retain, and develop these teachers.
With examples of various teacher and leader evaluations models being used, this presentation describes the various options for teacher and leader evaluations and provides guiding questions to...
Using Results from Teacher Evaluation to Improve Teaching and Student Learning explores how results from teacher evaluations should be used to inform professional growth opportunities, teacher prep...
In this webinar, the strengths and weakness of different evaluation system models are explored and then presented in a local context to participants in Maine.
This webinar explores the pros and cons of various measures and models of teacher and leader effectiveness and examines various evaluation instruments currently in use.