Photo of teacher and students

“Enhancing Teacher Evaluation: A Critical Lever for Improving Teaching and Learning”

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Tony Bagshaw
Battelle for Kids 

Mary Brownell
University of Florida 

Mary Gable
Jean Satterfield
Colleen Seremet

Maryland State Department of Education

Laura Goe, Ph.D.
TQ Center and ETS

Measuring Teacher Effectiveness
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Rick Hess
American Enterprise Institute

Education Outlook April 2010
Education Outlook November 2009

Lynn Holdheide
Vanderbilt University and TQ Center 

Randy Keillor
St. Francis, MN, Intermediate School District 15

Carolyn McKinney
North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Commission

Lauren Sartain
Consortium on Chicago School Research
Sheri Frost Leo
Chicago Public Schools

Christina Porter
Revere High School, Revere, Massachusetts
Karen Smith
Garden City Elementary School, Indianapolis, Indiana
North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards Commission