Extending the Reach

Schools can make the most of their great teachers and leaders by extending educators’ reach to more students. This approach can help create an “opportunity culture” for teachers in which they can collaborate, develop, and advance without leaving the classroom. Innovations in staffing models and career paths can make this approach possible. The Innovation Station’s resources for extending the reach include the following:

  • Innovation in Action, case studies highlighting what some districts and schools have tried—in compensation, new job models, and varied career paths for teachers and teacher-leaders.
  • Staffing innovations, such as publications, infographics, and videos that explain how schools can be redesigned to extend the reach of great teachers or how schools can offer more pay within budget.
  • Technology information, including websites about digital tools, technology use in schools, and blended learning.

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Innovation in Action


This report investigates the competencies teachers need to succeed in a learner-centered or personalized learning school community.


Explore how states are addressing talent development policies for coaches, mentors, instructional specialists, and teacher leaders.