ESSA Implementation: Developing Effective School Principals

Discover opportunities within the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to develop effective school principals.

Working Together:  Leveraging Federal, State, and Teacher Preparation Provider Resources to Ensure Equitable Access

Learn what you can do to promote equitable access to excellent teachers for all students.

Discover how to improve instruction through evaluation by using student learning objectives and other measures.

Learn four state practices for monitoring and ensuring that local education agencies implement educator evaluations. 

This presentation at Georgia's Title II conference focuses on teacher evaluation and college- and career-readiness standards as a means of enhancing teacher quality.

Learn about training and support strategies that states are using to build capacity while implementing educator evaluation systems.
Explore the challenges and the opportunities of helping teachers grow professionally by using evaluation results.

Learn principal evaluation design strategies and challenges. 

The Maryland State Department of Education developed this presentation to illustrate how SLOs align with the goals for the state’s Race to the Top initiative. The presentation discusses the purpose...
In December 2012, the Maryland State Department of Education presented on the quality assurance process for SLOs. This presentation outlines quality control components, provides guidance, templates...
The Hawaii Department of Education developed a presentation on how to rate the quality of an SLO. The purpose of this presentation is to increase the understanding of what constitutes a quality SLO...

Discover current practice and future trends of principal evaluation policy.